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In the beginning Everlast the company started out as a swimwear manufacturer in New York City Bronx in 1910. Jacob Golomb, seventeen years old at the time and the son of a tailor and a passionate swimmer, was dissatisfied with swimsuits that didn't last a season, and thus began making swimsuits that he guaranteed would last for a full year. The name "EVERLAST", was born and even though the swimsuits line did not last, the name did. During the next few years, Golomb evolved his company into a small retail store that carried a full line of sports equipment.

In 1917, a young fighter named Jack Dempsey introduced pro boxing to Golomb and Everlast. Dempsey asked Golomb to build protective headgear that would last more than 15 rounds of intensive boxing training. Golomb specifically designed the training boxing gear for Dempsey.

In 1919, Dempsey won the world's heavyweight championship wearing boxing gloves made for him by Golomb and that propelled the brand Everlast in becoming the boxing headquarters for boxing equipment throughout the world.

On October 24, 2000, Active Apparel Group (AAGP) acquired the Everlast brand and all it's boxing equipment. On September 20, 2007 Everlast Worldwide Inc. was acquired by UK based company Brands Holdings. As of 2007, the Everlast brand is now present in over 101 countries and has 88 licenses worldwide.

From heavyweight champions like Jack Dempsey and middleweight legends like Sugar Ray Robinson to undisputed middleweight champion Jermain Taylor and UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, Everlast is the professional fighting brand of choice for professional world champion athletes.

  • Everlast trademark cushion the hands and wrist (EverGel) technology
  • Regulate body temperature (EverCool)
  • Wick away moisture (EverDri)
  • Fight the growth of bacteria and microbes (EverFresh)
  • Everlast Boxing equipment is used in boxing and MMA gyms and training camps globally.
  • Everlast products are used in amateur and professional boxing competitions
  • Everlast Pioneer in Boxing Gloves
  • Worn by elite pro boxers.

You can enjoy boxing while using the best sparring and professional fight gloves in the world. Price sually start off around $15 to $199.

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  • Elite Protection and Padding
  • Trademark cushion padding technology
  • Designed with breathable ergonomic interior foam.
  • Wrist support is furthered by its lace tightening design
  • Glove pattern and foam layout ensure impact distribution

No noticeable drawbacks have been spotted other than the fact that the Everlast Boxing gloves don't come cheap. They usually range from $300 to $450 per pair. Some claim that they lack color design but in reality the most important tool for any boxer or fighter is their hands, therefore protecting them at all cost is the key.

Everlast is an American brand based in Manhattan, NYC. Today Everlast's products are sold in over 100 countries. Everlast is active in the design, manufacturing, licensing and marketing of boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness related sporting goods equipment, clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Everlast one of the largest producers of boxing and MMA gloves for all types of training. Boxing-related equipment such as heavy bags, speed bags, and headgear are among other products made by the brand. The company's products are marketed globally, and its international brand is synonymous with Boxing.

"Everlast offers elite professional boxing gloves that will protect and keep your hands safe."

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